Cancellation No…

Cancellation Notice:

The 1st morning class on Saturday September 1st is cancelled. Please note that 9am classes will be back on as of Tuesday September 4th.

Also, the month of September is Xtrain month!! September’s workouts will include the use of the TRX system! Get ready ladies and gents, it’s challenging and a lot of fun!!!

In addition, we can’t forget about diet! Can we?!?! :0) This month will be the “Paleo diet”  transition month. The Paleo diet mimics that of our ancestors and is, arguably, what are genes are most in harmony with! Lean meats, fish, shellfish, seeds, nuts, vegetables and fruit will be our focus! Get pumped and ready – I will see you all soon!!

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Some pics of me from the 2012 CBBF Nationals

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Yes, I know…I’m a little late on this one…photos of me at the 2012 BC Championships :0)

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I MSed up!

Hello World, kind of back from the dungeon of dieting and exercise to a sad reality. I let down my team!

Every year, a great group of women and I ride the MS bike tour (Geared to end MS) 30 or 60km around town. I think it’s a superb cause for me because exercise seems to help ease the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

Well my Team’s name is “Don’t MS it” with Captain Ms Brenda A McDonald and my name this year is not on the team because I was too busy looking good and training and forgot to register so back to reality.

I’m going to go and do the Nationals thing tonight

And tomorrow I’ll do the right thing

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No more 8:30 pm class until September

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Schedule changes and a couple pictures

With the kids out of school we will start all am classes at 9:30am and the ones following at 10:30am.

Pics post competition at the BC provincials this weekend

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10:30am Super Circuit

Let’s have fun tomorrow guys 10:30 am hopefully good weather outdoors or not sweat guaranteed:)

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