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No classes tomorrow, May 20th

Sorry my community, everyone needs a rest it seems. Classes will be back to normal Tuesday the 21st, enjoy your family time:) Advertisements

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Getting Better with Age

With age comes many things. The wisdom accrued through years of experience.  A few more wrinkles, oops, I mean laugh lines. A few extra well-earned pounds around the mid-section. Wait, what? Age may bring many things, but it certainly doesn’t mean … Continue reading

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No 10am or 8pm classes tomorrow (cause you don’t want to be around me when I fast) and What’s cool about Yom Kipur

I never really had a problem with the no washing, moisturizing, leather/sex thing. My biggest challenge was always food and water. I become a monster on Yom Kipur. So hungry I sometimes even forget to think about my wrongs, just … Continue reading

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What’s so hard about the paleo diet? It’s the Spartan Way!

It’s been an interesting week. Some started, some adopted and modified, some did not get it, and, well, some gave up…already. I’m talking about the Paleo diet 30 day challenge by Robb Wolf. Funny how we are so deep in … Continue reading

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September / October Xtrain classes, the paleo diet and why it’s going to cost you

Xtraining: I don’t even have to think about it – it’s a proven fact – “Cross training is a great way to condition different muscle groups, develop a new set of skills, and reduce boredom that creeps in after months … Continue reading

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Cancellation No…

Cancellation Notice: The 1st morning class on Saturday September 1st is cancelled. Please note that 9am classes will be back on as of Tuesday September 4th. Also, the month of September is Xtrain month!! September’s workouts will include the use … Continue reading

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Yes, I know…I’m a little late on this one…photos of me at the 2012 BC Championships :0)

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