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I’m on vacation (YAY). I’ve taken a couple weeks off to go home to Africa, and what a change. 98% humidity and constant 35 degree temperatures tend to slow everybody down and put a little perspective on how we live … Continue reading

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The power of goal setting

15 weeks to the 2012 BC Championships and focus just hit me. I’ve spent the past 3 months putting around. In my language it means driving my trainer Mark berserk; constant whining, eating well “most of the time” but again not recording, weighing, or … Continue reading

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And the winner is…

November 27th – A good week at the studio overall. New faces, new challenges but same old struggles! It seems we are all built pretty much the same way, we ask ourselves the same questions, we have moments of glory, … Continue reading

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Pre Holiday resolutions or how to face it w/ outmost confidence

November 25th, my brother just left for Paris and what a mess. I mean my house is clean, my dog well exercised but I’m not fitting in any of my usual size 6. Why? Paris is a melting pot of … Continue reading

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