Getting Better with Age

With age comes many things. The wisdom accrued through years of experience.  A few more wrinkles, oops, I mean laugh lines. A few extra well-earned pounds around the mid-section. Wait, what? Age may bring many things, but it certainly doesn’t mean we need to bow to the evil machinations of gravity. If I’m going down, I’m going down kicking and screaming, clutching feverishly to a protein shake in one hand and a 24 kg kettlebell in the other.

Team T.o.M. has been expanding, and with new competitors come a new set of eyes. A and K did a phenomenal job this weekend at the Sandra Wickham Fall Classic, and they are an inspiration to all of us currently struggling against the unholy ravages of time. Both of them are  mothers, 40 years old, wait, 40 years experienced, and ready to push themselves one step further. One rocked the training, one drove me crazy, and I learned or reaffirmed many fundamentals from them.

1)Reach your goals before you have to. If you’re ready long before your due date, you have the luxury of time to tighten up loose strings before crunch time actually falls on your head and you realize that there’s no way you’re actually going to squeeze your way into that wedding dress/bikini/competition suit/whatever.

2)Listen to your coaches because they know you better than you do. How objective are we when we look at ourselves? My guess is that most of us have a self-image viewed through a filter created in our brain which is based on the way that we’ve always seen ourselves, the drugs flowing around our synapses, the way your breakfast is influencing you, and so on. Your coach is the one with the scale and the measuring tape.

3)Cardio doesn’t build an ass. Squats do

4)If your environment is hindering your progress, cut it off. Dinner parties, drinking games, family gatherings. Most of our social events bring us to the dinner table, and that’s really tough when you’re eating tuna and broccoli 6 times a day. Either get the whole family on track or hide when they get ready to huddle around the pizza box and then go for a walk with them later.

5)If they drink have a shake. This is actually from a real life thing. The woman felt pretty silly when she headed out to the bar with a ridiculous protein shake in her bag. The bouncer was impressed : )

6)Repeat after me “I don’t eat that.” If it isn’t on the diet, you don’t eat it. PERIOD!

Obviously there’s more to it than that, but those are just a few of the rules that came back and stuck with me from this experience. Getting older and having your body rebel against you may seem a little unfair, given that our accumulated wisdom and experience make us more able to fully appreciate it, but if we stick to our guns and broccoli and sweat it out, then just like A&K, we just may surprise ourselves with what we can do.

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One Response to Getting Better with Age

  1. Andy says:

    Thanks Martina!!!! I would never of been able to accomplish what I did in eight weeks without your knowledge, strict dieting rules and grueling training schedule. I didn’t win a trophy for my hard work, but I did accomplish what I set out to do, and for me that is a winner!!!!!

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