No 10am or 8pm classes tomorrow (cause you don’t want to be around me when I fast) and What’s cool about Yom Kipur

I never really had a problem with the no washing, moisturizing, leather/sex thing. My biggest challenge was always food and water. I become a monster on Yom Kipur. So hungry I sometimes even forget to think about my wrongs, just asking to get into more trouble. However not long ago, while struggling between the provincials and nationals CBBF competitions, I had to go on a 5 days fast and cleanse and it really worked for me. I realized that being hungry is not always a bad thing and that it feels really good to give a break to your system.

The concept of intermittent fasting is not a new one (Yom Kipur). It is said to prolong lifespan, accelerate fat loss, make you healthier.

Like all professional dieters I’ve tried it, loved it, recommend it. And when the Paleo wave is over, I’ll tell you  more about it. In the mean time, have an easy fast, (right…).

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