What’s so hard about the paleo diet? It’s the Spartan Way!

It’s been an interesting week. Some started, some adopted and modified, some did not get it, and, well, some gave up…already. I’m talking about the Paleo diet 30 day challenge by Robb Wolf. Funny how we are so deep in our habits that anything different seems unsurmontable. No grains, no dairy, no processed foods, no simple sugars; I thought I was doing you a favor – planned menu, recipes, direction, and variety to satisfy your spouse and kids.

I like the Paleo diet. I find it really easy to follow and I welcome the direction knowing that if I say to myself “you can’t have ice cream because you can’t have milk”, the good Martina will reply “huh ok”, done deal, easy breezy, what?

Us News ranks the Paleo diet #24 out of 24 and I have to question why?!?! Besides what the author of the book claims, it’s a balanced diet and, at the very least, the beginning of something good. You are encouraged to eat clean, nutritious, non-processed, low-glycemic foods (YES, foods that help “ward off” the many chronic illnesses we face today – that’s right, it’s not just about WEIGHT LOSS!!!) . I think “nutritious” is the key word; our food is quite depleted these days and wild plants are not easy to come by. But seriously, give me a break though – #24? Clearly, and with good reasoning, I disagree entirely.

And, I should clarify with the following…no calorie counting does not give you the right to eat nuts, fruit and/or meat by the pound. You’ve got to learn portion control.

Organic vegetables and fruit, grass fed meats, and free range eggs are a good start up. Oh, and about heart health??? Simple sugars have actually got the bad rap – that’s right – SIMPLE SUGARS and not saturated fat!

Hard to follow they say?! You seem to agree?! I don’t! The most difficult part of all diets is the planning and the cooking; it is, however, a lifestyle change you need to make – the era of fast food is over (I don’t have time) and your mom no longer cooks for you (I don’t feel like it) so spend a few minutes organizing your week; select a couple of hours for prep, prepare in bulk, stop spoiling your family with multiple meals, and make food a priority because it is the ONE!.

On the physical end of things, the Super Spartan race in Squamish is happening tomorrow (the 22nd) so good luck to Leslie, Joey, and Jessica who I’ve grown fond of training; they came with a short goal in mind and they continue setting new and more challenging ones as they go. They persist in growing stronger and hungrier – it’s not just my way, it’s the Spartan Way!

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