The power of goal setting

15 weeks to the 2012 BC Championships and focus just hit me. I’ve spent the past 3 months putting around. In my language it means driving my trainer Mark berserk; constant whining, eating well “most of the time” but again not recording, weighing, or caring as a matter fact. Every time something personal goes wrong, I’d add yet another pint of my fave chocolate peanut butter Haagen-Dazs ice cream (360cal per 1/2 cup, you do the math) to my long list of wrongs and when asked whether I’d be competing this year, I’d say “I don’t feel like it”.

What’s wrong with this picture? Everything! I’m in the fitness business and expectations are high. I get busy, lazy, hurt, and fat like everyone else out there and I cope via exhibitionism (I mean bodybuilding). Once the pressure looms over me, something just clicks and here I am.

Yes, I’m going to compete. Yes, I’m going to train and stop whining. Yes, no more sugar (except for cheat meal), wheat, dairy (oh no), and carbohydrates after 5pm. Yes, I’ll eat more vegetables. Yes, I’ll do cardio on an empty stomach at 5am.

All this just happened on Monday and I don’t know who last week’s Martina is but I don’t like her. The difference? The fear of losing! 

The way: Find a goal that speaks to you. Tell everyone about it. Register for it. Equip and plan. Execute!

Next week at ToM on the wall, I’d like to see your current goal and how you plan on executing it. In the mean time, I posted before pictures on the web site hoping for those of you seeking a better body composition to join me on my journey to a better balanced me :0)

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