17 pistachios

I just came upon this new concept. The “half fruit  or eat less of it” concept. Coming from Africa, I’m used to eating everything on my plate. No questions and certainly no thoughts associated with macronutrients and body composition.
I, however, have learned how to manipulate my food in order to make myself look good. For years I have practised a low carb, moderate fat, high protein diet that worked wonders for me and got me to the place I am.
In rolls my trainer Mark and scales take the place of measuring cups, cooked vs uncooked, high carbs and a variety of fats eaten consistently through out the day.
I always think to eat a reasonable amount of protein and carbs at the same time every meal but i use fat the way it comes; with salads, to cook my eggs, in my meats… but that’s another story.

When asked to cut my apples in two I faced a wall. Who does that? Why? Is it going to be enough?

After a bit more learning, I realized that, say, 1/4 c steel cut oats and a whole apple would be too many carbs for one meal. So eat more of your oatmeal plain or eat just 1/2 an apple with less of it. It took a few weeks but I got it!
Cut the apples before setting your eyes on them because it is then too late and no, eating only half from the core does not work.
Just the same, eat your fats 1 tsp at the time per meal and one day, if you think, like me, that pistachios can only be eaten by the bag, try 17 pistachios instead, it might just do the trick!

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