My Bad…

I set up to win top 3 at the Sandra Wikham show this year. I trained along with many of you hoping to get company at the show or get someone inspired to cross the bridge between average to exceptional dicipline.

5 months of continuous training, 8 weeks of strategizing and counting calories, 4 days of sauna hell trying to lose more fat and water weight, 5 minutes on stage where everything ended… in a disapointing 6th place.

Well, there was the stream of compliments I got during the show, by participants, judges, strangers… You, your texts, emails, hugs… and ice cream…

But seriously, I learned a lot, about myself and you along the way:

I’ll always have you if everything fails

Ice cream is NOT food

Cardio is a MUST

Sparkly nails and make up make me feel silly

Tomorrow’s another day

So, skinny 1, strong 0, the war is on and see you at the WBFF next year!


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One Response to My Bad…

  1. 7 more months and you’ll be back on stage better than ever! Nationals, here comes Martina!!

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