Show me rage at Train on Main

You’ve seen them! 5am on a Friday or Saturday morning, training like it’s their job. I envy them, not just the crazy low body fat percentage but the motivation, the endurance, the strength… I wish to be that competitive, that driven, I’ll give them a try, JumpFit or a Strength and conditioning class, 5:15am, tough love!

Truth is, I’m bored senseless. 16 hours a day in the gym and I dream of walking, visiting with friends and bowling. I’ve paid my dues, Sid and I running 6 days a week rain or snow, lifting weights 5 or more times/week, working 60 hours a week. Then the training, the long gym hours sitting behind a counter waiting to be noticed, 8 months to a new body, 16 more for a 6 pack.

Done, body fat percentage lower than the average, workout time 5 hours a week. What more could I need?

This is Vancouver! Weighing on my mind. I should do more, my clients alone exercise twice as much as I do so what next?

Well, how bout a little Rage!

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