The global diet, supersize me and the 6 pack ab routines!

You are killing me! Diet this diet that… I think a diet is you and your food habits for life, not some silly ‘cut this’ fad soon to be forgotten by all but the book it’s written in, wedged somewhere within overflowing bookshelves.

With the knowledge I acquired from experience I thought we could all eat the same things. You know, a reasonable diet, balanced, generous, colourfull… But the fact is we are all so different, how could it work for everyone? While I agree that our make-up is different, a book out there resumes my thoughts quite rudely…”Everyone Poops”. So, still think I can handle ice cream better then you because I have the good genes, ask to see my sainted mother’s picture. Spinach is good for me and good for you, so lets give it the old college try!

On the other hand I have been on a food mission. Eat until I drop, put on some serious weight for my November competition, become a “real” bodybuilder. No sympathy from anyone! Apparently all you think about is food. It is easy for you to envision eating 3700 clean calories a day, eat in bed and when you wake up, a loaf of grain bread and a litre of milk a day, eat every 2 to 3 hours, never be hungry, belly sticking out of your pants, losing 4lbs a night for missing your last meal or doing one hour of cardio, I say be careful what you wish for…

Belly, core, abs, serious business it is. We cleanse with sassy water, cut all bloaty items for a week, forget sugar, wheat, alcohol and then expect a 6 pack? Nicely done but next is the actual work. Attack your core two ways, with an impeccable calorie deficit diet and an exercise routine (just abs) done every second day.

Have I told you about my little protegé from UBC’s department of Physical Therapy? I trained L. for a while before her newly acquired knowledge got the best of her. One day she put her foot down and says “you know (oh I know) crunches are bad for you”. So she decided to school me by building her own 6 pack, “8 months” she said in January “and we will compare”. Truthfully, this is not a good time for me to compare with bulking and all but November will be. As for L.? Well lets just say that she owes me a nice bottle of wine.

Check out the exercise section for 3 new ab sequences and email me at with your name (every one welcome to join the challenge), age, height, weight, expectations and activity level and join the globaldiet bandwagon!

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