Martina’s food dilemma!

So I’m bed ridden, (really just for a day), at my boyfriend’s mercy. Candy, burgers… Nauseous or/and conscious? Here are some food thoughts and some food trends of the summer:

Consistently carrying a survival kit – Yep, healthful snacks… carrots, apples, nuts, hard boiled egg…whatever works for the day (even at the hospital, no jello for me thanks!) and a bottle of water. This is helping me to prevent disaster later in the day.

Locally sourced organic meats and eggs -Not a hard one. Ever seen Food Inc.?
Outside of farmer’s markets, check out my new page, Organic Shops.

Also in the clean eating, widely available category,
If I lived in West Van:
If I owned an extra freezer:

Locally grown produce– I’m officially done with California strawberries

Sustainability – Worldwide, there’s a growing movement to reduce the carbon footprint of our food choices. Unlike the “eat locally” trend, which considers only the distance a food has travelled, carbon footprinting looks at the broader environmental impact of a food. It measures the amount of greenhouse gas emissions released in the air when a food is produced, packaged, transported and stored before it reaches our plates.

Waste – Besides trying to reduce the carbon footprint of your food choices, buy only what you need.

Nutritionally-balanced children’s dishes – Mothers, enough with the high carb “easy” snack! No more cookies and breads, bring on fruit, vegetables, yogurts and healthy shmears (nut butters, hummus..)

Sustainable seafood – Pollock is in, Chilean seabass out! Educate yourself, save the world:

Gluten-free/food allergy conscious – In a article titled “Will a gluten-free diet improve your health?”
The simple answer is: not really if you do not have celiac disease and you are not gluten-intolerant. In fact, eliminating gluten-containing foods might require you to supplement your diet with other foods and/or vitamin pills to complete a balanced and healthy diet. This is because gluten-free foods often lack iron and some important vitamins such as vitamin B and D, and because fortification of gluten-free foods is also not as common, people with a gluten-free diet need to find other sources of these essential nutrients. Furthermore, many currently available gluten-free foods are manufactured with excessive sugar and fat so they could mimic the taste and texture of food containing gluten, and therefore they could be very unhealthy.

Simplicity/back to basics – Cook your own food and eat nothing that has more than 5 ingredients or a name you cannot pronounce.

Half-portion/smaller portion – From the start, be what your waitress expects you to be and say: “I’ll take half of it to go” or “give me only a half portion of spaghetti” or “non fat with whip? Are you crazy?”

Culinary cocktails (e.g. savoury, fresh ingredients) – I love my cocktails. Have you ever had a Balsamic Strawberry Mojito ? Try muddling in an empty mixing glass a small handful of fresh mint leaves, strawberries, brown sugar and lime wedges, Rum or not, ice, sparkling water, and a ½-teaspoon drizzle of aged balsamic vinegar.

Ethnic breakfast – Middle Eastern influence at breakfast with the vegetables, fresh flavors, lemon, mint, chickpeas etc. Try huevos rancheros, shakshuka, ratatouille or coconut milk pancakes (check out the recipe under Food and planning) at least once!

Artisan cheeses – If you are going to cheat, do it with class:

Summer can be tough. It’s what we’ve all been working towards and it seems like a time to relax. However, long afternoons on a patio drinking beer and eating BBQ can have disastrous results without planning a little mitigation. So keep to a workout schedule you can live with and think about the foods you eat this summer. We can catch it up in the fall, but how hard do you want to work to get it back?

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