I don’t fit in my genes!

Countless times when growing up I’d look at my overweight mom and think how lucky I am to be so different. I was 10!
For one I played soccer daily and joined a gym at 16, ate well (I thought) and little.
By the time I finished University (I was 23!), the story was a different one. Everyone I met back home said something like “WOW you look like your Mom now!” and all I heard was “WOW you are fat like your Mom now!” And I was not fat! My head was (sometimes still is) messing with me.
10ish years later (still 23 in my head!), I go on an anti Mom shape mission. 6 days per week of running around Trout lake with Sid, 180 push ups and sit ups and Voila! Now back in Africa they say “WOW you look like your Dad now! What? Totally forgot my beautiful tall lean muscular disease free African Dad until now.
Maybe they are right but also maybe not.
In reality you can give up and blame the “fat gene” for making it hard to look like a Victoria secret model (or Jason Statham, whatever), or you can take matters into your own hands! These are my suggestions to make your shape but do you know your body type?

Endomorphic :

soft body
underdeveloped muscles
round shaped
over-developed digestive system

Personality traits:
love of food
evenness of emotions
love of comfort
good humored
need for affection

Exercises for your body type:
Interval Step
Boot Camp
Crosstrainer Intervals
Cardio style training

Mesomorphic :
hard, muscular body
overly mature appearance
rectangular shaped
thick skin
upright posture

Personality traits:
desire for power and dominance
indifference to what others think or want
assertive, bold
zest for physical activity
love of risk and chance

Exercises for your body type:
Weight training
Circuit Training
Pilates and Yoga
Athletic Training
Jump Rope

Ectomorphic :
flat chest
delicate build
young appearance
lightly muscled
large brain

Personality traits:
preference for privacy
socially anxious
mentally intense
emotionally restrained
(editors note: Dude, I know tons on tall skinny people who are gregarious and outgoing. Don’t be racist… er… body typist?)

Exercises for your body type:
Light cardio
Weight training
Power Lifting

We are not created equal. Several hundred thousand years of evolution have made us the most diverse and widespread species on the planet so enjoy the fact that you are your own person, with your own hopes and dreams, and let the whiners fall by the wayside.
“ Much good work is lost for the lack of a little more.” Edward H. Harriman, or like I say “Exercise ’till you drop”

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