Nutrient breakdown, the key to successful Body Building!

Bodybuilding is a class I run 5-6 nights a week. The people attending either know what it means or didn’t read the program and got enrolled against their will.

My weight over the past 4 years has fluctuated greatly. Size 10 to size 6, 170 to 130 lbs. I know I need to stop the fluctuations but I seem to fall over and over into the same old patterns.

In reality though, each experience has been unique and has brought me some bettter understanding of what my needs vs my wants are, good/bad, junk/nutritious, emotional/physiological… And my new 160 lbs looks nothing like the old me. So what do I remember:

  1. Exercise as much as you can because “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going”. ~Jim Ryun
  2. The harder you exercise the better you’ll eat. Who wants to run 3 miles to burn off a cookie?
  3. You stand in the way of your own success.
  4. Knowledge is key!

Why care for nutrients?

Because they are essential for good health and sustain the body’s daily processes

  • Water 2-4 litres/day tap water or mineral water
  • Protein 60-240 grams/day as supplied from protein-rich food
  • Carbohydrates100-400 grams/day as supplied from carbohydrate-rich foods, meal replacements and professional sports drinks
  • Essential Fats 40-160 grams/day from fish, nuts and vegetable oils (oily fruit, such as yummy avocados)

How should we use this info to our advantage?

Carbs: how much you need depends on:

  • work load
  • Insulin resistance
  • activity level
  • target body weight
  • exercise goals
  • lifestyleRoughly 50% of your daily calories come from carbs.


In essence the more you exercise, the greater your protein needs will be. Keep the intake under 35% of total energy.


Total fat intake should be between 20 and 35% of total calories.

So with this in mind:


Calculate your BMR, find out how many calories you should eat a day for optimum health. Break down the calories / nutrients and then the weight / nutrients. Play with it a bit. Try more carbs for a while and note the changes in mood, energy levels, habits, weight…, increase the protein…

Be creative, allow yourself to make mistakes and then learn from them;

Because you are in charge!

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One Response to Nutrient breakdown, the key to successful Body Building!

  1. Jeff Sararas says:

    Thanks for all this info! I’ve always tried to just balance Protein/Carb/Fat but I never knew the actual ranges of intake or the factors for deciding.

    Also, I love the quote, “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going”.

    Great stuff! See you soon!

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