My take on sport drinks, coconut water, vegan recipes and more…

Train on Main is doing well, thank you for asking. Along w/ healthier (younger), springier individuals, we’ve just opened a new senior’s class on Sundays.

One thing the young generation’s lacking, though, is knowledge and intuition when it comes to drinking. Green drinks, red drinks, blue drinks? The info is out there but it takes a celebrity (in this case Madonna), to make or break a product.

On coconut water!

Electrolytes! You hear it all the time. Any idea whatsoever as to what they are? Any one? Sodium chloride, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. What are they for? They replenish the body’s water and electrolyte levels after dehydration. Simply, they control the balance of fluids in the body. How much do I need a day? 3500 mg a day. Where do they come from? (check ingredients sources on my website for more details).

Madonna attributes her health to coconut water? High in potassium? I have my doubts. 3500Mg, from food, One cup of prune juice (707mg), six ounces of yogurt (398mg), O.N.E. Coconut juice? 14mg, ZICO Coconut juice? 569mg. My point? Don’t believe the hype, do some research!

The strain of being a carnivore is taking its toll on me. I’m not as energetic as I’d like. One of you said it’s age, I say it is food! You ARE what you eat. Therefore, I embarked on a new quest. Veganism! Check out the recipes that will be my fare for the week. I will only post the ones I like from great sources like or my girl Christine’s Wild rice and yam pancakes, agave nectar and more greens than I’ve eaten through 2010 will transform me into a vitamin robot or…a super- heightened telekinetic being that can fire lasers from it’s eyes and levitate… or an annoyingly preachy know-it-all who forever holds the high ground…. or a listless zombified husk of grotesque animation craving nothing so much as to feast on the brains of innocents… OR I might lose a bit of weight and have fond memories of pulled pork sandwiches. To be continued…

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One Response to My take on sport drinks, coconut water, vegan recipes and more…

  1. Ann says:

    I got really excited there for a second…all my woes will be done with from COCONUT WATER!! hahahaha, leave it to you to tell me that there is not quick fix. 😉 BUT- I love the Vegan Adventure and thanks for the links!
    Can’t wait to get in for my next workout!

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