Cycling, training, weight loss challenge, Taekwondo, teens and resolutions…

Here it is, the New Year and a brand new you! There’s no such thing as perfection, yet we may always seek it.

We’ve got many candidates for the Vancouver Seattle Ride to conquer cancer and wether you’d like to join or just train w/ToM chances are you’ll give a little to a great cause, make new friends and do more cardio than you thought you could. Indoor training starts soon, weekly charts and log books, Bimonthly Friday Long Ride; prepare for it!

20 weeks to a strong, better looking body – 50’s? Well why not? Theory says you can’t be expected to change your looks if you keep training and eating the way you already do, so join a team of dedicated, group motivated bodybuilder wanabes for a 6 day/week for 20 weeks training and eating clean where you only need to follow instructions (meal/exercise plans) and show up for group training sessions. EASY…

Just like one should aim to get more active, you should try to eat less! (of the bad stuff at the very least). Get smarter, educate yourself, ask questions, try new things! Every diet has good and bad. Get clean, calculate your BMR, add your exercise output, how much macronutrients do you need? Where can you find them? How do they affect you? Should you take supplements? Embark in the Weight Loss Challenge. Become a TOM’s member, get your individual plan, put yourself to work, get results, earn fabulous prizes such as discounted memberships, classes, training gear and more…

Taekwondo for kids at ToM! Bring your little ones every Tuesday at 4pm to Alexei who is a Master of Taekwondo with an extensive coaching background, a degree in physical education and ride an exceptional spinning bike while they train!,%20kids,%20vancouver,%20bc,%20sport%20olympic

Teen Training! Wish you’d known better sooner? They can! Thursday at 4pm, cardio and weight training basics for the ones who could use more exercise and better technique.

What needs to happen? Pick a goal, plan ahead, log, evaluate, go high tech, visualise…

Holidays are over, people. Get back to work!

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