Chasing happiness!

One thing that people believe leads to happiness these days is money. I’ve got no money, I’m happy. When I told my friend M., she seemed surprised. Ask people around you she says, listen to what they say. Are you unhappy? Why? I can guess, you are too busy, too tired, too involved, you could use more: vacations, a house in a hot destination, an extra nanny… Well, according to, “frequent positive experiences are both necessary and sufficient to produce the state we call happiness, whereas random intense experiences are not”.

See? You are the main reason you are unhappy. So what will it take?

According to the same source,

o Act happy.

o Seek work and leisure that engage your skills.

o Exercise. Always part of the solution…

o Give priority to close relationships.

o Take care of the soul.

In addition, studies show that the happiest people often have:

o fit and healthy bodies

o realistic goals and expectations

o positive self-esteem

o feelings of control

o optimism

o outgoingness

o supportive relationships that allow companionship and confiding

o challenging work and active leisure, punctuated by sufficient rest and retreat

So here we go again, just as we did with our meals for the week, let’s plan our happiness!

To yours!

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