Simply more recipes…

I picked my goal: 2 bodybuilding comp in May 2011. I have established a time line to reach my goal weight: 135 lbs, 5 months. Last time though, it took 7 weeks to get my S@#% together, you know… birthdays, sunshine, drinks, late nights…

I say all the time, when you are bad, don’t wait for tomorrow to start over. Tomorrow may as well be a year from now; so I’m focusing now. Alcohol down, sugar down, bread (still working on it), portions, Hum (trying to beat D.’s 36 min at “Dina” tonight I got nauseous enough to swear off excess food forever) , prep ideas, soooo bored!

I read, modified and learned from Mrs. N. and here we go:

Grapefruit/salmon salad: lots of grapefuit, lots of baked salmon a bit of yogurt-lemon juice-ketchup-hot sauce-dried mustard on lettuce.

Taco salad: lots of lean ground turkey cooked with taco seasoning
1/4 cup black beans, chopped romaine lettuce, bell peppers, tomatoes, salsa and a little guacamole.

Healthy Chapati and Greek yogurt (divine): 1c atta (ww) flour, 1c chana (chickpea) flour, buttermilk to consistency, sm onion cooked w/ some fresh spinach, 2 tbsp veg oil, spices (the whole of them), knead  together until soft, rest for 20 min, roll in even sized pieces, roll out on flour, cook on skillet (oil here is optional), enjoy w/ yogurt.



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