Make it worth it!

Money, relationships, life… stuff that makes me sometimes want to scream (good thing there was no one at the studio to listen). There’s no perfect life, no ONE goal or reason; fact is we’re here so let’s embrace our uniqueness and find the things that make it worth it.

For me, beyond family and Shorty, there’s only exercise and food. I love to travel, dance, talk but those are treats that I appreciate when they come by. Because I have no will power, I had to remove piece by piece things in my life I abused, alcohol, sugar, TV…

Now what? Well it’s funny you’d ask because I like to use my friends and clients as ‘go to’ people when I get lost. So come to me when you need help.

Set yourself a goal, a time line, a specific standard for measurement of success and I’ll help you develop a plan. And despite the recent buzz, I’ll do it using all mediums, all facilities and all the help that you need because what it comes down to is YOU and that’s what makes it worth it for ME!

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