And the winner is…

November 27th – A good week at the studio overall.

New faces, new challenges but same old struggles!

It seems we are all built pretty much the same way, we ask ourselves the same questions, we have moments of glory, of doubts, yet this is my very favorite moment, pre competition self motivated goal setting time!!!

Step one: Pick a goal

~ 2 bodybuilding competitions:

Western Canadians: May, 2011

WBFF 2011 Bc championship, May

~ Supporting D.  in her 200k bike journey to Seattle

~ 1 month to my beach body countdown (for those of you leaving us for a sun destination)

~  Ironman Cozumel, 2015

~ First Half, Feb 2011 (if you were fortunate enough to register on time)

~Historic Half, Feb 2011

~Triathlons:       UBC, March 2011

Delta, April 16th

Squamish, June 2011

~Sun run, April 2011

~ BMO, May 2011

~Scotia, June 2011

I could go on for hours…

Step two: Short term Planning (Dec)

–     Write everything in my little book

–          Straighten up my diet (say goodbye to wine and sugar)

–          Exercise plan (ask for help)

–          Lose weight (duh, wish I’d been better last summer)

–          Start swimming once/ week

–          Exercise at least 5 hours/week

–          Up my cardio

–         Prioritize…

Step three: Get the wheels

# Get a little book

# Drink water like it’s going out of style

# Eat a large breakfast everyday, including Saturday and Sunday

# No snacking, alcohol, sugar or excess of any sort

# Pool and gym membership

# Weight tracker app on phone

# People mag subscription to help increase cardio (or a talkative friend)


Enough already, Good luck!

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