Pre Holiday resolutions or how to face it w/ outmost confidence

November 25th, my brother just left for Paris and what a mess. I mean my house is clean, my dog well exercised but I’m not fitting in any of my usual size 6. Why? Paris is a melting pot of cultures but eating in an ethnic restaurant remains a luxury, so I said to Patrice “Hey what about chinese? Japanese? Indian? Japanese?” I know, I know, not just once, this one for sushi, this one for BBQ… Next? Well, size 10!!!

The plan: Planning, planning, planning. I will not get caught eating out over and over. I’ll sit down on Sunday and write my weekly food intake. I’ll shop for ingredients and prep them right away. I’ll prepack every thing I can to ensure that I’ll be on time for Bootcamp at 6 am.

The ingredients: Eggs, egg whites, chicken, dates and figs. Greek yogurt, hazelnuts, mandarins, apples, kale, carrots, quinoa, ww tortilla, tomato sauce (no salt).

The menu:

Day 1: 1 Egg & egg whites scramble+2 mandarins, 1 hand hazelnuts+1 apple, tortilla+chicken breast+roasted carrots, 1c yogurt, 1/2c quinoa+steamed kale w/oil and vin+1/2c tomato sauce+chicken breast

Day 2: 1c yogurt, tortilla+1 egg & egg white scramble+1/4c tomato sauce, kale salad +2 mandarins and juices +1 hand hazelnuts+chicken breast, QuinoaChickenTomatoCarrot stir fry.

Martina = Much more comfortable in those size 10 pants. To be continued…

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